Rockstar Games took to social mediathis morning to post their company logo on a blood red background.The company is undoubtedly hyping up a long rumoredsequel to their smash hit series   NBA 2K18 MT    Red Dead Redemption. Gamers have been waiting for another chapter in the great story of the Marston family.

Some folks are wary of another new open world online game from Rockstar as GTA Online has been characterized by some as a nightmarish hellscape of Shark Card driven microtransactions. Red Dead Redemption had some of the best online multiplayer at the time of its release, and we look forward to getting more  Buy NBA 2K18 MT  information than a cryptic tweet on a Sunday morning.Are you excited for more Red Dead? Do you think it will launch simultaneously on PC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Visit Chatty to Join The Conversation.Insomniac Games has revealed some new content for its upcoming game, The Unspoken 

which includes a new character class, some new locations, and more.In our exclusive interview with Insomniac Games’ production director Shaun McCabe, we’re introduced to  a new character class, called the Kineticist. This character class focuses primarily on allowing the player to use telekinesis in order to pull objects towards them, to then throw them in