Mass Effect game, a new IP, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. SW:TOR will be the studio's primary focus from here on, and it says it will share more detail in the coming weeks.  NBA 2K18 MT  blockquote>For all the people that registered for the Shadow Realms Closed Alpha, we’re working on a way to say thank-you for signing up.

         To all those players that gave us feedback at Gamescom and PAX, and those that shared their thoughts and impressions in the past months, we thank you for being part of the conversation.</blockquote>Shadow Realms certainly seemed like an interesting and ambitious project, placing the emphasis on story in a co-op setting. Shacknews talked to a senior producerabout the project at PAX Prime, and it Buy NBA 2K18 MT  had beenslated for this year. Visit Chatty to Join The Conversation.Sega revealed Alien: Isolation will be keeping us awake at night until March 2015 with its Survivor Mode, and today, the fourth add-on pack has just been launched.The Lost Contact add-on pack includes a Salvage Challenge within the game&rsquo;s Survivor Mode.

         Players are stranded in a remote section of the station, and unlucky for them, they&rsquo;ve lost contact with their colleagues. Players will need to navigate crawl spaces and  corridors as Axel as they attempt to survive the station&rsquo;s most challenging opponents.With the release of Lost Contact, there&rsquo;s only one previously-planned Survivor Mode pack expected to be released for Alien: Isolation. I&rsquo;m sure whatever it ends up being, it will most likely be nearly impossible to survive.