Microsoft announced Undead Labs’ State of Decay would be infecting the Xbox One this month and would be making full use of the extra horsepower under its hood. State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition runs at 1080p, has new textures that offer increased detail to the game world, and  NBA 2K18 MT   increased draw distance, among other improvements. Undead Labs is even rewarding Xbox 360 owners by offering a discount on the Year-One Survival Edition as well as an exclusive survivor to fight as.

                Grab your backpack and stock up on painkillers because we’re going back to the State of Decay. And this time... it’s personal.Everybody Was Zombie FightingState of Decay is best categorized as a sandbox survival simulator and not  a survival horror game. The game has you starting off assuming control over one survivor, Marcus Campbell, and soon, you’ll control several Buy NBA 2K18 MT  others, each of which have their own personalities, traits, and stats. Some survivors would be best used for scouting missions, while others are natural born leaders and should handle diplomatic missions. Or, in many instances when I played, everyone is either tired or hurt 

             so whoever you’re using is your only choice for the time being. But as you progress through the game, you’ll be able to train the majority of your survivors to =  be playable in some capacity, making your selection in survivors much more varied.There are five major resources you’ll need to make sure there’s an abundance of in order to maintain your home site as well as keeping survivors happy: Food, Medicine, Ammo, Construction Materials, and Fuel.