It looks like there's an interesting piracy measure in Quantum Break for anyone who's pirated the game (and it seems even people who legitimately obtained it as well.) Main character Jack Joyce is outfitted with agaudy-looking eyepatch if the game believes you may be running a pirated version of  FIFA 18 Coins   the game. That's hardly punishment, especially since it gives Joyce a vague Big Boss-esque feel, but it's a real thing that happens, as explained within aFAQ about the Windows 10 version of Quantum Break, where Remedy makes reference to the arrrr-gravating alteration.


          "Jack looks like a pirate--DRM might've accidentally trigggered." You're supposed to make sure you're logged in properly to your Microsoft account before starting the game to offset this, but that doesn't mean it's going to solve the issue. Apparently this was also done within Alan Wake, Remedy's previous NBA 2K18 MT  title. It's a weird way to treat "pirates," especially since it doesn't really take anything away from the game. I mean, it looks kind of cool. It's just an aesthetic niggle.  Visit Chatty to Join The Conversation

             Mighty No. 9 was supposedly being released this spring. Technically it's spring right now, yet we've not heard anything about the game coming out or even a concrete release date. It's a little bizarre, especially since Mighty No. 9's social streams, as GoNintendo points out, have been all but quiet since the last delay was announced. So what's going on?Deep Silver doesn't have anything to report about the game, =  having issued a statement: “We have no comments at this time. You’ll be the first to know once we have new information to share.”It's unclear at this point if the game is going to be hit with another delay, but it sure seems like that could be the case going forward. I'm still interested in trying the game out, but I'm losing interest as the days stretch on. Looks like it's back to Mega Man for a while!