Halloween is nearly upon us, and no game embrodies the spirit of trick-or-treating like Costume Quest 2. Until recently, a only all the sugary fun has been on Steam, but not anymore. Costume Quest 2 is coming to the PlayStaton 3 and PlayStation 4 on October 28th, and it will feature an  NBA 2K18 MT   exclusive Sackboy costume. Dress up as the beloved and iconic character, gather candy, and do battle.

               Check out the trailer above to see the Sackboy costume in action. The trailer below features other costumes, including the superhero, candy corn, clown and pharoah.Source:PlayStation Blog .Visit Chatty to Join The Conversation.Now that Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is available to all, Nintendo would like to dispel the notion that the Wii U version is simply that version on a bigger console. While the idea of  Buy NBA 2K18 MT    beating up Nintendo mascots remains the same, today's Nintendo Direct unveiled 50 previously-unknown facts about Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. As expected, the list ranged from the mundane to the sublime and Shacknews is here to recap all of them for you.

              Here were the noteworthy reveals issued during today's Nintendo Direct presentation, direct from the Smash Bros announcer:Over 40 of the game's characters will be unlocked out of the gate, more than what was found on the 3DS. The movesets will remain the same, down to the unlockable https://www.mmogo.com/  attacks.The Wii U version will (obviously) have a higher resolution. It will be fully rendered at 1080p. And with a grander scale means that 8 players will be able to play at one