Use the RS Gold medallion to teleport back to the Meiyerditch hideout with the letter Vanescula gives you (choose the teleport option Meiyerditch). Take it to Safalaan, who will   NBA 2K18 MT      be worried about you. He will be excited over the contents of the letter; Vanescula knows about his past, a thing which has always been a mystery to him. In an urge to stock up some RuneScape Gold?   

            You ask him to focus on Vanescula's promises about helping them. Safalaan will tell you to do as Vanescula has suggested. He tells you to speak to Vertida for advice as he will be busy pondering on the letter to Buy RS Gold.Speak to Vertida. He is wary about trusting both Vanescula and  Buy NBA 2K18 MT Safalaan, as Safalaan hasn't been himself lately. He thinks Safalaan is so desperate for information that he isn't thinking clearly and is too quick to trust.He tells you about the huge walls of Darkmeyer and RS Gold and how dangerous the city is and that it is impossible to enter 

           except by using a drainage gate along the uppermost wall in eastern Meiyerditch that you may be able to climb under to access Darkmeyer. He suggests taking some smoke bombs from the storeroom and a hatchet to cut the tree. He also reminds you to look for seeds to grow their own tree of   . Last News Is Your Skills Good Enough in Runescape Next News The Large Inventory of Runescape Gold is Romantic at Everywhere This website and its contents are copyright ? 2012 - 2016 Use of this website is subject to our FAQ. Sell To Us. Contact US. Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. SiteMap